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UORVA is a small specialty manufacturer of performance related aftermarket kits especially for the HMMWV, HUMMER®, HUMVEE®, and Humvee based Chassis (COBRA) with a long history of engineering power train and suspension solutions for leading companies such as AM General and Ford. Many of these kits have been selected for HMMWV integration by US Special Forces and commercial race teams. Engine kits have been dyno tested and passed NATO 400 hr tests. In particular the UORVA 250 hp Upgrade Kit (HUK) has been running for over 3,000 miles on a HMMWV up-weighted to 18,000lbs GVW over rough desert terrain.

These kits add:

  • Power – up to 300 hp
  • Capacity – up to 20,000lbs
  • Reliability – new key, upgraded components
  • Mobility – better, larger springs / restores ride height / fits new shocks
  • Maneuverability – new stronger sway bars
    …all without adding much cost or weight.

These kits make a sound low cost simple upgrade to military HMWWVs. Whether the vehicles are Up-Armored HMMWVs (UAH) with gunner protection kits, or standard M900 or M1000 series vehicles, kits can restore and better the ORD for longer and better service.

These are individual, stand-alone kits that can be installed over different upgrades/recap programs. Most kits can be installed in maintenance shops or during depot overhauls. Different kits take hours, not days to install.
For HUMVEE® Sustainment Modification Initiatives (SMI) or add-on to the MECV-S programs, these smart kits can be bolted-on to fit requirements and budgets.

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Maradyne Corporation is a Dreison International Company. Dreison International Inc. is a privately held company that was founded in 1977. Dreison was set up to act as the “holding company” for Maradyne Corporation, DCM Manufacturing, SuperTrapp, and Von Weise. These manufacturing companies located in Ohio, Texas, Mexico, and China specialize in the design and manufacturing of proprietary products for both original equipment and aftermarket customers. The market focuses include heavy-duty truck, off-road equipment, mining, agriculture, industrial, commercial, transportation equipment and the power sports industry.


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Maradyne Corporation is ISO 9001: 2008 certified offering a continuous improvement processes through supply chains, engineering, and manufacturing that ensures world-class quality, reliable delivery, and competitive priced products.

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